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The Law Offices of Kenneth Brock

Colorado Family Law Attorney

A dedicated and focused law practice, serving the entire Denver area and the state of Colorado

Stress. When people come to my office what I see most often is stress. Stress from the process. Stress from the cost. Stress. What I also see is uncertainty. Uncertainty of the process. Uncertainty of the options. Uncertainty of how to find and pay for a lawyer. Uncertainty on how to move forward and achieve a result.

This law office has a comprehensive practice in family law. If the problem concerns a child, a spouse, or your family, chances are we have years of experience solving issues and problems just like yours.

Affordable Legal Services Offering Value for the Money

When retainers in other law firms are typically $3,500- and up, you will be happy to know that we offer payment plans so that we can lower your retainer to better help you with your budget. This generally means that you pay us a retainer smaller than most law firms, and we arrange for a monthly payment that allows you the best legal service you can have.

Choosing the Right Lawyer for You

There are several issues that are fundamental to choosing the right lawyer. You need to find a lawyer that you are comfortable with. A lawyer that listens to you. That hears your concerns. That understands you and your needs.

You need to find a lawyer that you can communicate with. It is critical that the lawyer return your calls—sooner rather than later. It’s critical that you can talk to the lawyer, and not some other person.

You need to find a lawyer that you trust. Does the lawyer understand your issues—your problems. Does the lawyer understand the law? Does the lawyer specialize in family law, or it a lawyer that takes a random family law case without being an expert in family law issues?

Lastly, to my mind, you need to find a lawyer that you will listen to. Hiring me, with my expertise and knowledge, and then not listening to me, is silly. You hire me to be your expert. Your legal champion. But I know that to listen to me, you must also trust me. That I must listen to you and understand your issues. I cannot blindly advise you. I have to trust you to tell me the facts, and you have to trust me to help you deal with them legally through the court process.

Another fundamental issue is the process itself. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a case is critical. Understanding how a judge is going to look at the problems you are putting before them. At the end of the day, that judge, that person in the black robe, has tremendous control over your life. Knowing what a judge is likely to do in this situation or that circumstance is fundamental.

This office can help you get through this process. We will answer your calls. Explain the legal options and the pros and cons. We will communicate with you so that you achieve your result. That’s our job. Earning your trust is our goal. Achieving your result is our mission.

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