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Helpful resources from your Colorado divorce and family law attorney

Below are links to the courts in the counties surrounding the Denver Metro Area, as well as links to Colorado family law and state and federal resources covering child support, domestic violence and more. This links can provide you with valuable information and put you in touch with the right agencies to help you with your divorce or family law matter. If you need advice or representation in a particular legal matter, please contact the Law Offices of Kenneth Brock in Centennial for immediate assistance.

Colorado Family Law – Click the link on the left for Colorado Revised Statutes. Then expand Title 14. Domestic Matters for Colorado law on dissolution of marriage, child support, domestic abuse and more.

Colorado Bar Association – This website provides abundant publications, videos and other legal resources for the public, as well as a Family Violence Program providing information and resources on family violence.

Child Support Calculator – Follow the links for online worksheets and instructions that can help you to estimate what the basic child support amount may be in your case, according to the Colorado Child Support Guidelines.

Office of Child Support Enforcement – A U.S. government agency, OCSE partners with federal, state, tribal and local governments and others to promote parental responsibility so that children receive support from both parents. Although OCSE does not provide services directly to families, the agency does help state and tribal child support agencies to manage and operate their programs effectively and in accordance with federal law. Still, there is plenty of information here geared toward families

Federal Parent Locator Service – Beyond helping to locate parents, FPLS also works to establish and enforce child support orders and collect child support payments.

Division of Child Support Enforcement – This site from the Colorado Department of Human Services is the official state child support enforcement portal. This office assists in locating parents, establishing paternity, establishing or modifying child support and medical support obligations, and of course enforcing those obligations. You can apply online for services, although it may be better to get help from an attorney because the process can be complicated.

Office of Children, Youth & Family Services – Another arm of the Colorado DHS, this office includes the Division of Child Care, the Division of Child Welfare and the Division of Youth Corrections.

Colorado Domestic Violence Program – This site provides links domestic violence crisis centers statewide as well as Colorado’s Address Confidentiality Program.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders – One spouse may argue for a share in the other spouse’s pension or retirement plan, but certain defined benefit plans are governed by federal rules and regulations. It may be necessary to obtain a QDRO before the court in your divorce can divide up retirement benefits or a pension plan as part of the division of marital property. Also see the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation for more information on QDROs.

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