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“Ken Brock is a straight forward, no nonsense attorney knowledgeable in family law. When he speaks to you about your case, he has his law book next to him and he pulls out the issues that need to be overcome or addressed in your case. He gets the job done, is fair, and won’t steer you wrong.”


“Ken Brock, where do I start…. My “X” was withholding my parenting time and very difficult to deal with. Ken made me think twice about sending the police over to pick up my 13 year old daughter. He then went to work on my behalf.

When you have multiple motions sent to the court by your spouse, you will need a good attorney to navigate them. My opinion, you need a level headed attorney for the sake of the child. Ken was able to coach me through a couple of years of “crazy” as some spouses and attorneys are not reputable. Ken is a stand-up guy! He saved my sanity, and made the situation more positive, and the outcome of every situation was in our favor.

The “dark side” will self-destruct, just give them opportunity.

In the end, my daughter and I have a great relationship.

“Happy Dad”
-D.W. Denver, 2015

“Ken, is a man true to his word and a bull dog when it comes to taking on an issue or making a point. I experienced a very unpleasant divorce that without Ken’s counseling and direction I’m not sure how I could have held together or had the successful outcome.”


“Ken Brock is a straight talk, no nonsense man who prefers to keep things simple. He will lead you on the straightest path towards your desired result as possible. He is aggressive without belittling anyone. He will make sure both he and yourself are clear on the reality of the situation at hand. He works hard to keep everyone involved in realistic parameters. So, if you are looking for an attorney that will help you help yourself, Ken is your best choice!”

JJ – Texas, 11/2015

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